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Living Books, Used and Rare

July Book News

I have just acquired a collection of wonderful English, French and German books I will be listing in my Summer catalog soon! Stay tuned. 

The Important Stuff

I sell books by chance or by appointment only. I occasionally sell books via my online bookshop.
All books are sold as described in the listing and as/is, there are no refunds. If you'd like to have a look at a book before you commit to a purchase, please make an appointment with me. 

I also market books and occasionally receive affiliate income for doing so. If you are a regular shopper of amazon or abe books for your own purchases, please consider using my links below, which support the growth of my book collection, and thus support my community in a variety of ways. I believe GOOD books help with avoiding radicalization and extremism. I share them with everyone in the hopes that this is so. 

If you have a collection you'd like to sell, and I feel it is sellable, I will happily do the "hard parts" for you for 50% of the profit.  If you are looking for a book, I will happily search the ends of the earth for you until it is found. If you need a curriculum or booklist, I will happily make it for you. If all you'd like to do is look at books, talk about books, pet cats, and drink a cup of coffee, I will happily do this with you.  

Every season I release a newsletter containing  my finds and I would love to discuss these with you. Make sure to contact me if you'd like to subscribe and receive my catalog.

That's it. Enjoy!

Looking for a good book?

Here are a few current favorites from my bookshelves. Click the cover for more information & to purchase.

What to expect

Upon Visiting

At Your Service

I buy and sell used and rare living books in the tradition of Charlotte Mason, the late Victorian-era British educator, in the hopes of sharing the culture of a broad and rich self-education with the world.

I not-so-secretly hope to spark joy and prevent extremist thinking and radicalization by teaching people how to learn, connect, build skills and experience a sense of growth and identity.

To shop some of my favorites on Abe Books, click here.
For an appointment to view my current offerings and used book bin, and / or for a little chat about CM schools and curriculum, booklists or wantlists, please contact me.

To read my book reviews, click here.

And just for you Charlotte Mason folks....

Got curriculum? Sick of looking at curriculum? Trying to figure out how to make this curriculum fit in your days, or your days fit in this curriculum? Really love a curriculum but want to make a few changes?  Trying to provide a CM experience in a non-CM environment? I can help. 

I was raised CM, raised my own kids CM, and taught other children (and their moms and dads!) CM. I ran co-ops, study groups, and workshops, writing curriculum, habit training, and trying to "teach from a state of rest" as I went. Today my kiddos are older, and I'm always happy to share what I've learned on our journey.

I believe this is the way.

My Bookshelves

I collect books on Israel and the Middle East, France and the U.S., religion, current events, history, military history, global risk, intelligence analysis and the intelligence community, cybersecurity, immigration, black history, Jewish history, women's history, parapsychology, psychology, cluster B personality disorders, crime, culture and conflict, trauma, and terrorism in all forms, including domestic violence and coercive control.

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Summer catalog coming soon!

Stop by for a cup of tea, and a little book talk with me while you wait.