Barbara's primary objective is to assist those on the front lines in the war against all forms of terrorism-- global, domestic, and interpersonal-- in their mission to protect and defend. She does this by addressing stated needs and providing communications, security, and intelligence support in whatever capacity she is able to provide.

Her secondary objective is to partner with her community to create a culture of security and mutual respect. A culture rooted in ethics: one that fosters diversity, embraces education, enhances safety, and promotes intercultural, interfaith, and interracial experiences--- a culture in which radicalization and victimization have no place to take root.

For Daniel Pearl.


Barbara Washington is a multilingual technical communications specialist and certified foundation-level threat intelligence analyst based in Wilmington, NC.
 She partners with cybersecurity and threat intelligence organizations, geopolitical risk analysis consulting firms, media organizations and marketing teams to provide research and communications support for their missions. 

She also works with private companies who innovate tech solutions in other fields (like travel, education, real estate, wellness, publishing, and finance) that make a positive impact on the culture, as well as publishers, educators, and wellness/healing professionals.

She provides digital marketing products and services, B2B / B2C copywriting, technical documentation, news and breaking news, research, social listening, media analysis, investigative products, intelligence products, and editing or translating services.

When she is not working--- she works. Barbara buys and sells used and rare books, provides consulting services for home educators, enjoys role play opportunities for training purposes and coordinates cultural exchanges and trips for students in order to open up the world to as many people as possible.  

She seeks to unite minds on the same mission to see what can be done, and also finds ways to connect minds on opposite journeys, believing that creating opportunities for authentic-- and clear, although sometimes difficult-- conversations is where the magic happens most. 

Happiness is a vibrant port city--- especially when she's home. 

“On n'est pas le produit d'un terroir. On est le produit de l'action qu'on y mene.”

Marcel Pagnol