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11 Vacation Spots In Los Angeles That Won't Break The Bank

With plenty of iconic attractions, Los Angeles is a one-of-a-kind city with no shortage of visitors every year. From exploring famous film industry sites and celebrity viewings to checking out the surf scene and dining at LA restaurants with stunning views, there is always something interesting to do, and visiting does not have to be expensive.

Here are 11 Vacation spots in Los Angeles that won’t break the bank.

The iconic Griffith Observatory has incredible views of the Los Angeles area and h

Hamantaschen: The real love triangle

My first day of Jewish conversion class began the morning after antisemitic US citizens declared a National Day of Hate.

My teenage son asked to stay in the car, where he sat and waited for me, no doubt flipping through his TikTok feed and snoozing, while what appeared to be armed security guards in neon jackets stepped out the back door of the synagogue office space where we were scheduled to meet. Moving determinedly around the elderly gentleman who held the door open, they began moving up an

Chinese surveillance device targets the Carolinas today | Barbara Washington

WILMINGTON, NC- An alleged Chinese spy balloon flying at around 60,000 feet over US airspace has begun its course over the Carolinas early this morning. The balloon is currently hovering over Charlotte, NC.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration trajectory model, the balloon is expected to travel near or over the military bases of Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg before exiting US airspace off the coast of the Carolinas. U.S. Government officials said that in recent years,